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Gentlemen, It's Time to Upgrade Your Wrist

Iconic military timepieces refashioned for the modern gentleman and true watch enthusiast. Practical luxury defined.

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It’s all about function. Or style. It's really up to you.

"It makes complete sense that there is an ongoing demand for watches. And I think that in this age of smartphones, a wrist watch is undoubtedly even more important. It’s the original hands free device and will always outperform any smartphone while you’re carrying an armful of groceries, riding a bike, taking a shower…you know, doing all the things that constitute part of what we call living a life. I don’t consider fishing in my pockets just to find the time handy at all. I don’t consider low battery anxiety something I can live with either. So yes, I will always have a watch on my wrist because it still is the most practical solution to a very real need." ~ Marvin Menke

"These are my watches"

The Mathey Tissot x Hemel Type 20 Collabograph

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